Fear the Rising Dragon

Fear the Rising Dragon
Photo by Ravit Sages / Unsplash

Happy Chinese New Year!

As we've begun the new year, both the Julian Calendar New Year and today marking the Year of the Dragon, we're seeing more of the same. The same ol' same old. More layoffs in the tech sector. More layoffs in the corporate sector. Real estate crash ever looming. Layoffs in finance and Wall Street. Don't take my word for it (nor the President's) just turn on the news and pay attention.

Despite the Fed's greatest efforts, inflation is still felt by all. Inclement wether has absolutely tested PG&E readiness to expose more failures. ...more outages. Literally a transformer exploded mere yards from my home and the explosion was so powerful it shook my home and our neighbors several homes down the street. Energy self-sufficiency and self-reliance is something EVERYONE wants.

Here at DragonBox Solar we're working on just that. Before we get into what we're building to help you, we just want to talk about the frightening direction of numbers we've alluded to above. All we want you to consider is this. Given everything said to this point, do you expect energy costs to remain the what they are today for the next 5-10 years? How about 20 years? Did you know that solar panels are commonly shipping with 20-30 year warranties?

Ok let's talk numbers. Let's assume a few things:

  1. A complete solar system costing you $25K that can comfortably power your home.
  2. An 8% interest rate (which is really bad right now).
  3. 10 year financing.

We are talking about a FIXED energy cost of $303.32/mo. for the next 10 YEARS. If your home is $300 per month now, imagine what it's going to cost 7 years from now. You'll still be paying only $303.32. After year-10? Cream. Your panels are still under warranty for another 10-20 years. Maybe there is an upgrade or replacement of an inverter along the way but we're talking minor maintenance costs out of your energy savings.

Residential Solar is not even really our bag. We're working on bigger, better things. Stay tuned. If you are in the market for solar. Contact us.